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Natural Remedy For Baby Constipation

>> Saturday, February 19, 2011

My six month old baby is recently having constipation. I'm figuring the recent switch from breast milk to formula, and the introduction to solid foods are the culprit because she never had problems with her bowel movement before.

Unlike her older sister who didn't experience being constipated even with the switch at around the same time she does, my little Jasmine is. It is not everyday though, but I remember it happened during the day I feed her baby food. Since the introduction of solid foods is gradual at this time, I decided to feed her cereal with veggies or fruit  every other day, and planned to increase the duration in 2 weeks or so until her tummy gets accustomed to it.

Normally, after feeding with baby food, I usually wait at least 30 minutes before giving my daughter formula. This is where I made a mistake, which I just realized lately. I should have given her water to aid in the digestion and waited few more hours before giving her formula milk.

Now I learned my mistake. I have discovered that the best natural remedy for baby constipation is WATER! Yes, no kidding. It's the most natural fluid there is.

So for three days now, I've been giving my baby at least 2-4 ounces of previously boiled water in her bottle and let her drink it. That's the day when she doesn't eat solid foods. I increase it to 6-8 ounces when I'm feeding her solid foods plus formula milk. That gives her enough fluid to digest her foods and so far I am happy with the results. No more fussiness and crying because she has a hard time passing her stool. The consistency of her poop improves significantly. It's much softer and easier to pass.

If you have a child with constipation problems, try increasing his water intake. I'm sure it will help fix the problem!


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