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>> Saturday, February 12, 2011

Since I migrated to the United States, I have been making extra money on the side to supplement our family income, and I do all of that from home--through the internet.

It is now possible for moms to stay at home yet still able to work and take care of her family. After I got married, I thought I will be confined to rearing my kids and rely solely on my husband's income. But when I find out that it's possible to work from home and make the same amount of money (and more) that I earned before, I feel so blessed.

Making Money Through Writing Articles

Writing articles comprise a big chunk of my monthly income. I write for both up front pay and residual income. Writing for up front payment means I write articles for a publisher that pays me a certain amount of money per approved article. The publisher then owns the rights to my articles.

On the other hand, writing for residual means I write articles for myself through free article publishing sites such as eHow, Bukisa, HubPages, InfoBarrel, Triond, among others. I don't get paid as soon as I published the articles. But the earnings accumulate over time, and I got a consistent amount of income every month from these articles. I get paid based on the amount of views, ad earnings, article popularity, and other earnings factor based on the site's revenue sharing model. The good thing about it is that I own my article's copyright and the earning potential is indefinite.

Blogging is another method I adopted to make money. I maintained my own blogs both in a hosted domain and free blogging service such as Blogger. This post you are currently reading is an example of a blog post. I have few niche blogs and couple personal blogs, all building up passive income for me.

Making Money Through Ads

The ads that you see on the right side of this blog is an example of Google advertisements that has the potential of giving me income. I got paid through page impressions and actual ad clicks. Depending on the cost-per-click (CPC) amount of the keywords in the article, I get a certain amount of money in my Google Adsense account every month.

The other form of advertisement I used are in-text advertisements. These are the ads that pops up when you click the underlined words in green. Similar to Adsense, my income depends on the cost per click of the highlighted keywords.

Making Money Through Affiliate Marketing

I also make money through affiliate marketing. By affiliate marketing, it means that I get a percentage of product sales from  companies by sending customers to their site. So far, I use Amazon's affiliate link and ClickBank, and also small affiliate companies that offer to pay a small commission per every sale I made.

So far, these are the money making methods I have adopted that work for me and consistently bring monthly income to our family. There are plenty of other ways I'd like to try such as selling on eBay, multi-level marketing (MLM), home business, etc. But writing articles has by far given me a lucrative opportunity to make money on the side.

If you are interested to start making money online through article writing, feel free to ask questions. If you'd like to publish articles to free sites that earn you passive income over time, click on any (or all) link below and sign up:



Riza DP March 18, 2011 at 9:12 AM  

Thanks for sharing these tips Mi! Want to ask about HubPages, Bukisa, and InfoBarrel...can I post the same articles on these websites? Thanks!

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