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My Kids are Sick

>> Sunday, February 27, 2011

I haven't been able to post in this blog for several days because my kids are sick, and I'm tied down taking care of them. As most work-at-home moms experienced, when anyone in the family gets sick, the family becomes the priority and writing is put to the side for the meantime.

Thankfully, my girls are getting better. Except for the occasional whining, their health is improving and soon enough they will get back to being active and energetic.

My children got the cold virus from their cousins when they came to visit us. No matter how much we try to limit exposing our kids to other people during the flu season, they still got sick without warning. It's one thing that really frustrates me because it is not fun to take care of them when they're sick, nor it is easy to see them suffer from the illness.

I haven't given them any medications which I think is wise to do. I'm sure the doctor will advise the same (we didn't take them to the doctor either). As long as they're not very weak and still eats, they'll be okay. So far, my children handle the colds very good; I am looking forward they'll be done with it in a few days.

Having children and experiencing moments like this is one of the best things about motherhood. You got to be involved in the action, you get your endurance tested, your love expanded. Yes, it's the hardest job in the world, yet the rewards in seeing your kids grown-up, healthy, and happy are priceless.


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